Monday, May 10, 2010

Dead Sea

I just started reading Dead Sea by Brian Keene.  It is a zombie novel but it does not take place in the same reality as his earlier novels The Rising andCity of the Dead.  If you haven't read anything by Keene, ty reading the Rising and then Dead Sea to see his two different takes on the zombie genre.  My first experience with Brian was The Conqueror Worms.  The Conqueror Worms is a post apocalypic, giant monster novel that throws in elements of Lovecraft and the Old Testament for a gory good time.  I have also read The Rising and Dark Hollow and hoping to read City of the Dead after I finish Dead Sea.  If you love good horror check out Brian Keene and if you live in the Gettysburg area, you can meet him in person at Horrorfind Weekend on Labor Day weekend

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  1. yeah yeah, Keene is good stuff! Labrynth mythos keeps me going thru all of his books. Try Unhappy Endings for a bunch of good short stories.